Community Empowerment

The programs outlined below are designed to support individuals and groups to achieve their goals.

This is done through the science and art of subtle energy application

Coming soon at Melbourne Meditation on Twin Hearts are the following programs:

(Please refer to our Events for the program schedule)


Back on Track

This program is designed to bring the body, mind and emotions to a state of health and well-being and to accelerate the rate of recovery from physical, mental and emotional setbacks.

Good to Great

Would you like to realise our goals and dreams faster? To manifest your projects and plans rapidly? Through the science and art of subtle energy applications, you will learn the do’s and don’ts to using energy to materialise your goals an projects.

Fulfilling Relationships

This program helps develop and improve your quality of relationships – both personal and professional.

This workshop will help you understand the mental, physical and emotional aspects of a relationship and provide you with insights for creating and transforming your relationships.

Social Contribution

Would you like to organise a Twin Hearts Meditation in your area?

We offer assistance to those who would like to organise  and facilitate Twin Hearts Meditation locally.

If you would like our Twin Hearts Meditation team to assist, please contact us